Successful Aging Course


Retirement planning should be more than just financial planning. Successful aging requires attention to all aspects of well-being, including physical, spiritual, emotional and mental, as well as answering the questions of: Where will you live? How will you pay for it? What sort of healthcare will you need? And what will your legacy be?

This course is designed to start exploring the alternatives and personal priorities of each individual and their peers. 

An interactive 6-session course adapted from the model Danish government course designed to help seniors and others consider all the aspects needed to successfully age in society. This course is offered to both individuals and various community groups. The cost for the course is typically $200, but through the generous sponsorship of Alameda Elder Communities we are able to offer this class at only $120 per person ($90 if paid in advance). Please see our educational calendar for the most current course dates.

We are providing this very successful course to Alameda and surrounding cities. This is not a lecture series, but an interactive course to help people explore the many aspects of aging. A brief synopsis of the 6 sessions is below: 

1. Mobility & Housing


  • Examine the physical changes that occur as you age
  • Compare and contrast various options for senior housing
  • Understand the benefits of proximity in community


2. Communication & Group Process


  • Learn about communication styles and techniques
  • Examine benefits and challenges of group process
  • Understand the role of consensus in decision-making


 3. Health Care & Wellness


  • Learn about current trends and options in health care for seniors
  • Examine the best practices for staying healthy in old age
  • Understand how living in community can maximize wellness


 4. Lifestyle & Finances


  • Examine the expenses and savings associated with aging
  • Explore various options for living an affordable lifestyle as you age
  • Understand how community can increase quality of life on a fixed budget


 5. Identity & Spirituality


  • Examine the effects of aging on your self- and social identities
  • Examine the personal and social aspects of the fear of aging
  • Accept aging as a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth


 6. Ecology & Legacy


  • See ecology as the study of relationships between self, society & nature
  • Examine the ways in which our ecological concepts change as we age
  • Understand legacy as a positive contribution for future generations