New Project Now Launching!

Join a team of collaborative aging leaders and help other seniors explore alternatives to the status quo!

With its new CAN Project (Collaborative Aging Network), Elders Village is forming a team of senior volunteers to create and maintain a peer-to-peer training and counseling service in the East Bay, which we envision being duplicated later in other communities. This project is made possible by the Making A BIG Difference (MABD) grant provided by Coming of Age:Bay Area, the local chapter of a national initiative launched to help people aged 50+ explore their futures and contribute to their communities.

Seniors need a place to explore various types of collaborative living arrangements. The nation's supply of affordable senior housing is stagnant, while the senior population is set to explode as the Baby Boomers reach retirement. Creative, new arrangements must be formed at the grassroots level, since government programs cannot keep up with current demands and may fall even further behind over time.

People who are seeking alternatives have few chances to explore how and what to do. We will change that with a group of trained peer-to-peer trainers and counselors. With the support of Elders Village, this team of volunteer leaders will provide an environment in which people can conveniently learn the nuts and bolts of cooperative living, and discuss various strategies for successful aging in community. Together, everyone will champion a culture of cooperation, and help create grassroots, sustainable communities that address the needs of their aging members.

CAN Volunteer Counselors will participate in all aspects of this program, including strategic planning, community outreach, policy formation, training/supervision of new volunteers, facilitation of group sessions, instruction in the mechanics of cooperative living. Training sessions will be held at the Elders Village Community Room in Alameda, and training costs of the first 10 volunteer counselors are covered by the MABD grant.

To request an application, please contact us by email at or by phone at (510) 217-8527 (ask for Kryspin Turczynski, CAN Project Coordinator).


Discover the Age of Champions!

Age of Champions is a PBS documentary that tells the story of five competitors who sprint, leap, and swim for gold at the National Senior Olympics. In it, you'll meet a 100-year-old tennis champion, 86-year-old pole vaulter, and hard-hitting grandmothers who triumph over the limitations of age.

A powerful resource for senior advocates hoping to start a positive conversation about aging in their communities, the movie is available free on-line during its premier (April 18-April 28, 2013). To watch it, click here or on the picture above. And please, feel free to share the link to the movie with others. Let's keep spreading the word!


Test-drive your Retirement 

 As the Baby boomers draw closer to retirement, they are left with many decisions to be make regarding what they would like to do once they retire. A problem that seems to be more and more prevalent is that “Boomers” just can't seem to decide what their lives should be like after they retire. USA Today recently published an article by Christine Dugas entitled, “Test-drive retirement before taking it on the road.” The article suggests that the Boomer generation may want to practice for retirement. This means knowing your expenses, your assets, and your emotional needs. Another key point is the possible need to redefine retirement--many people don't want to stop working once they reach retirement. In fact,  you don’t have to stop working once you retire, you can explore a whole new field or stay in the field you have been in your entire life. According to Dugas, “[retirees] are motivated. The mind may not be as fast as it was years ago, but you make up for it because of the judgment you can bring to the job.” If you want to read this interesting article click here.


Crisis Support Services for at Risk Seniors in Alameda County


Many people do not know that there is a fairly high rate of suicide in the senior community in Alameda County. The senior community only accounts for 10% or the population but people 65 and older account for 14% of all suicides. Luckily in Alameda county there are services offered to seniors who are feeling depressed due to social isolation, loss, grief, financial uncertainty or family discord. Many of these factors can lead to a feeling of hopelessness and, when coupled with increased isolation and self-neglect, can undermine all around health.


Luckily, Crisis Support Services exists and its goal is to support the senior community in Alameda County by offering grief support, mental heath services and crisis intervention. This free service currently serves more than 160 seniors within Alameda county through in home visits and on-site counseling; this means seniors have a choice to either be seen at home or to go to the CSS North Oakland office. The program is open to seniors within Alameda county, usually low income or home bound, who otherwise wouldn't have access to these types of services.


Every visit is beneficial by lessening the issue of isolation, helping seniors find their voice and bring meaning to their life. There are also a number of support groups offered to older adults. If you want more information on Crisis Support Services please go to For information on how to access these services you can also contact the Senior Counseling Program Director Devah DeFusco at (510)420-2475.



May is Older American Awareness Month!

May is a very important month in all American communities, it is Older Americans Awareness month. The theme for this year is, “Never Too Old to Play.” This month is dedicated to showing the older citizens within our communities that we appreciate and recognize the time they have taken to better our country and communities as a whole. The purpose of the theme, “Never Too Old to Play” is to encourage older Americans to go out and stay involved within their local communities. An active and engaged lifestyle is an important part of successful aging. There is a link attached to this post, please show your support for the older Americans within your community.