Local Senior Cohousing

Imagine a living arrangement in which multiple, individually owned housing units are oriented around a common open area and a common house - a place where community is a way of life. Imagine residents who actively cooperate in planning the project with one goal in mind - to recreate an old-fashioned neighborhood that supports friendly cooperation, socialization, and mutual support. Imagine senior cohousing.

~ Charles Durrett, The Senior Cohousing Handbook

We at Elders Village belive strongly in the value and benefits of cohousing. We feel that building a community in which we can spend our "golden years" surrounded by friends and family and helping them as they help us is far preferable to spending them surrounded by nurses who do things for us. Cohousing constantly reminds us to find value in what we can do, instead of dispair in what we can no longer do.

We are proud to share information about local senior cohousing projects with you, and hope that you find the same value in them as we do.

Phoenix Commons is the newest Senior Cohousing project to come to the Bay Area. Located on the waterfront at the foot of Alameda's Park Street Bridge. We are excited about this new project that is currently in the process of forming community!